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The support is free, based on a reasonable and equitable use, do not overuse it, we reserve the right to apply priorities based on the quality of exchanges.

The quality of support depends on the quality of the questions asked and the information provided, the more information is accurate and detailed, the more support can answer effectively.

If you do not receive a reply within 24 hours, it is possible that your message has been redirected to SPAM, email us from a reliable email address, such as the one from your ISP.

Each ticket has a priority level, and we manage tickets from most to less urgent:


Support is maintained in several levels; Level 1, 2 and 3. The Level 1 team is in charge of determining the level of support you will benefit from;

Mandatory Information:

  • The module name and version

  • Prestashop version

  • Your Prestashop Addons Order ID (or Common-Services invoice number)

If you forgot to mention this information in your message, you can login into this portal and refresh your ticket.

If all the elements are there;

  • Mandatory information

  • A question clearly written in a clear and concise context

  • One major question per ticket

  • One module per ticket

  • No past reference (for example, I’ve already answered you yesterday)

  • No logs, xml in the message body, logs or xml have to be provided as files

  • Necessary technical elements,in the requested format, generally plain text .TXT

  • Screenshots as requested, in image format, with full screen capture including the browser window, as attachment (not in an external website or integrated in a PDF, DOC or other file)

  • Previous message history erased (conversation history)

Useful and free softwares ;


Screenshots with Jing ;

Text Editor - Notepad++ ;

If necessary, the level 1 support will escalate your ticket to level 2 support with an urgent mention, otherwise the ticket will remain at Level 1 or marked as low priority.

Reminders; A reminder to a question makes the ticket goes down to level 1 with low priority. If you wish to provide additional information, add a public note on the portal.

Rules ; For writing your message please be aware of the netiquette.

Abuse ; Insults, contempt, denigration, threats will be severely dealt with without notice, the email address of the sender will be black-listed, and the behavior reported.